About us

Samye Travels and Tours Pvt. Ltd. offers efficient, exciting vacations to gorgeous, exotic destinations—the  world-famous Nepalese hospitality comes as a surprise bonus! Our core group is made up of close family members and we built the rest of company based on the idea of closeness. Our staff are family too. We have identified and hired dedicated, educated people, all of whom boast longtime professional experiences in their respective fields, to provide an unusually high-quality service. We have been called “Nepal’s best boutique trekking agency” by Hugh R. Downs, author of Rhythms of a Himalayan Village, a book that features our uncle, a Sherpa saint. You get more when you travel with us, whether you are on a Nepal City tour conducted by tour-guides with a passion for history, on a major research expedition pursuing some disciplined academic inquiry, or just having fun exploring a uniquely exotic part of the world. From the snowcapped  Himalayan peaks to the warm beaches on the Bay of Bengal, Samye Travels and Tours makes it happen. Your only job is to enjoy it. Package tours can include ascending some of the largest mountains in the world to white-water rafting and even jungle safaris. Ornithology tours can be spectacularly productive because Nepal has one of the largest and most varied populations of birds in the world. Nepal is home to literally tens-of-thousands of religious areas central to not only Buddhism and Hinduism,  but to numerous lesser-known traditions. This extensive and ancient cultural environment lends itself to rich anthropological tours; art tours and even a specific tour just to meet Nepalese shamans who gather at a remote lake deep in a remote Himalayan valley. In Kathmandu, be sure to take the spectacular mountain flight to see the entire breadth of the Himalayan mountain chain from the proximity of an air ship—a breathtaking and utterly unforgettable view. For actual daredevils, bunjee jumping and hot-air balloon flights are both guaranteed to make the heart beat faster. Samye Travels & Tours, quite literally, has something for everybody. And past experience has shown that whatever our clients do becomes one of the most important memories of their entire life. We work hard to make sure that happens and thousands of happy clients confirm it.