Tibet Shishapangma Base Camp

We explore Shishapangma peak, 8,027 meter (26,335 ft), the 14th highest mountain in the world, from its base camp at 4,980 meters (16,338 feet). Even without ascending this majestic peak, the view from base camp is simply astonishing. Shishapangma is inaccessible from Nepal, so the trek begins with a drive from Kathmandu to Nyalam, Tibet. We have a day to acclimatize in Nyalam. The next day we precede to Draabochhan. From Draabochhan, we follow the track on foot to Shishapangma Base Camp via Shingdip at 4,560 meters.

For our return, we drive to Lhasa, the capitol of the Tibet Autonomous Region, via Lhatse at 4,050 meters. En route we visit Shigatse, traditional home of the Panchen Lamas at 3,900 meters and the nearby town of Gyantse. Gyantse is home to one of the world’s most important stupas (Tib. chörten) the Kumbum. Built in the 15th century, this immense (the largest in Tibet) multi-tiered chörten boasts more the 10,000 murals of extraordinary cultural significance. The word “Kumbum” means 100,000 and refers to the seemingly neverending art on display.

We return to Kathmandu by air after a two day stay in Lhasa which provides time to visit some of the highlights, like the Potala Palace, past residence of the Dalai Lamas, the Jokang Temple, Tibet’s most sacred; the Norbu Linka, the summer palace of the Dalai Lamas, and other culturally significant attractions.

Duration: 14


Day 01 : Drive to Nyalam (3, 750 meters)

Day 02 : Acclimatization in Nyalam

Day 03 : Trek to Draabochhan (4,110 meters)

Day 04 : Trek to Shingdip (4,560 meters)

Day 05 : Trek to Sishapangma base camp (4,980 meters)

Day 06 : Trek to Draabochhan

Day 07 : Trek to Nyalam (3,780 meters)

Day 08 : Drive to Lhatse (4,050 meters)

Day 09 : Drive to Shigatse (3,900 meters)

Day 10 : Drive to Gyantse (3,950 meters)

Day 11 : Drive to Lhasa (3,650 meters)

Day 12 : In Lhasa

Day 13 : In Lhasa

Day 14 : Fly back to Kathmandu