Whitewater Rafting

Nepal, has some of the largest, fastest flowing rivers in the world due to the massive Himalayan peaks that pump tremendous amounts of snow melt waters into these enormous arteries. From the tops 8,000 meter peaks, down to the Gangetic Plain in Nepal’s Terai region at near sea level, is a span of approximately 160 kilometers (100 miles) making a dramatically steep descent. As these rivers crash down narrow gorges and twist and turn in tortuous ways, whitewater rafters have discovered some of the most thrilling trips on earth. There are three major river systems in Nepal. From east to west: the Kosi River, the Narayani River (which becomes India’s Gandak River), and the Karnali River. All ultimately become major tributaries of the Ganges River in northern India and eventually spill out into the Bay of Bengal.

Nepal is frequently described as a whitewater paradise because of the sheer number of raging rivers suitable for rafting. Nepal has become a dream destination for rafting and kayaking aficionados of any skill level. The river systems here offer everything, from placid waters to white knuckle experiences. Trips can be organized within any time frame, from a single day to month long journeys in remote areas. Whitewater rafting in Nepal, like all other activities in the country come with added benefits, like fascinating villages populated with friendly wonderful people, exotic wildlife and isolated, unspoiled beaches. Whitewater rafting in Nepal is like no other place on earth.